Emergence Projects | Vega was wild

Oh Vega. With endless skies and unbelievably clear water. Where everyone knows everyone. With birds and wild sheep everywhere. Where the sun never sets, and we never slept.

The last week of May we headed to The Vega Archipelago in Northern Norway. FINALLY. After spending countless hours doing research on Vega and how it became a World Heritage Site in 2004, it was time to travel up north to take a closer look at it ourselves. These days we are working on a very exciting project for The Vega Archipelago World Heritage Foundation. We posted about the project earlier too, but let me remind you: We are designing a communication concept for one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Centres in Norway!

The World Heritage Centre at Vega is planned to open in 2018. The aim is to communicate the past, the present and the future of the World Heritage through an experience and activity based exhibition. Our team was one out of three agencies that were invited to pitch for the project, and we ended up winning it! We’re absolutely thrilled and super proud, to say the least. David & Goliath kinda thing, you know.

Vega was even more wild and beautiful than we could ever imagine. Such a fantastic experience! This trip was an important part of our research, and it’s been invaluable to our understanding of the project to experience the nature first hand, meet the locals and above all: feel the eider down. It is mind-blowing how light is – and surprisingly warm too. ‘The Eiderdown Effect’ is magic. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you go visit in 2018.

As part of our project, we’ve created a documentation blog where we post stories from Vega and about the process of working back in Oslo. All of a sudden we’ve become bloggers – project bloggers. We find it interesting with a transparent process, and it allows us to interact and with the audience — most importantly the locals at Vega, giving us feedback and sharing their expectations. And all of you, if you want to get involved. We promise beautiful photos (at least the ones from our trip), so check out the blog at villevakrevega.no.

…okay, then. Have a look at some of them here as well: