Skippergata 22 | the Emergence hangout bar & café

In the autumn of 2016, David, partner at Emergence Projects, was offered to take on a project looking at activating an empty building, Skippergata 22, in the heart of Kvadraturen in Oslo. Together with friends and collaborators from Food Evolution he set out to create a bar and cafe, with the support from the rest of the team at Emergence Projects.
The venue, 700 square meters located in the middle of Oslo has its own unique style and atmosphere, and is mainly built from recycled materials. Located in a building set to become new flats and shops in a few years time, the owner Aspelin Ramm, looked for someone who could turn the building into something exciting in the meantime. Oslo House of Innovation created a co-working and event space on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor, while David and his team turned the 1st floor into an exciting new café and community space, filling it with content from day to night, always challenging the status quo.
This is how David and his team describes Skippergata 22:
“Skippergata is a sustainable café and event space in the middle of Oslo. In casual surroundings you can enjoy gluten-free baked goods from Treats Bakery, eat delicious food from Food Evolution and freshly ground coffee from Kaffa. With interesting events such as seminars, art exhibitions and parties with local and international artists there is always life to find in Skippergata. Get work done in the work lounge, unwind at the bar or enjoy our lovely backyard into the long Oslo summer night!”
Skippergata is also where Emergence Projects Studio is currently is based.
Stop by for a coffee and a chat! Or if your in need of a cool space for a party, a conference or another type of event, get in touch!
Check out Skippergata on Facebook for updates on events and special happening.