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We offer:

Project and process management
Concept and strategy development
Art direction, design & storytelling
& experiences of all kinds

The Process


The challenge


An idea or a problem is always our starting point. A problem or an idea that we ourselves or our clients are not sure how to tackle. Wondering what our client and collaborators have asked us to help them with and what their challenges were? Have a look at our work here.


Team is everything


The right team for the right task. Whether this is with you as a client or with people in our network. Being part of Emergence also gives us access to both new talent from Emergence  School of Leadership and over 300 former students now working in the industry within a wide range of areas. For us this is what team is all about: Emergence Projects + [friends / collaborators] = interesting projects.


Understanding context


To really understand we go out of our way to really dig deep. Whether it’s talking to you, your clients, observing your customers or talking to a panel of experts, we know that to create good solutions this phase of the project deserves time. We could always create solutions built on assumptions, but to create something that is going to last and has impact, building on insight is key.




Creating = our passion. Every project we do is different, so if you want to have a look at what we’ve created with and for our clients, have a look here. We have nothing against fancy, well designed  strategies. But words are just words. Actions = change. So if we advise you to build a house, we’ll make sure we are there with the hammer and the nails to help you build. Makes sense? In other words, we like getting our hands dirty. You need to see examples? Look here.


Test – iterate – test again – iterate again – deliver


Making sure we hand over the right solution to you, we always strive to test what we create as we go. This process often needs some patience, and can be a little frustrating, but you’ll know it’s worth it at the end. Delivering a solution to you, we believe it’s only a good one if you can talk about it. Brag about it. Show it off.  To your co-workers, stakeholders, friends, potential clients and customers.  Therefore we always wrap it up nicely. Whether it’s a report, a website that shows the process, or a gallery of pictures in your office, we always want our clients to be able to say they are proud and took part in creating the answers and the final outcome.

Work with us

Do you think we’d be a good match? Do you have a challenge that needs to be solved? Get in touch, and let’s make it happen.