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We are a group of creative thinkers, doers, designers and leaders. Ambitiously wanting to be part of changing the world we live in. One project at the time.

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Emergence Projects is a project design studio based in the heart of Oslo. We deliver projects. And we like to talk about project design. Which for us is about creating sustainable and interesting projects built on insight and research, facilitating processes, and designing solutions and concepts that create positive impact and lead to change.


We are passionate about people, cities and food. Within these three fields we work on a variety of projects. As a small team we know we don’t hold the answers to everything, and because every project we do is different, we tackle the challenges we work on together with a wide range of collaborators, both in Oslo and globally. We believe collaboration is key.


For our clients we deliver what we think is key to make a project succeed; insight, concept development, strategy, design solutions and implementation.

Project Design & insight

Or project management if you will. We believe it takes a lot more than just management to create real impact. We know the right tools and methods to get any project off the ground. Whatever the challenge, we deliver hands on project management, scout the right team and run the process from start to finish.

Concept & strategy

Design for us is not only about making physical spaces or products, but to create experiences, processes and sustainable solutions. Designing the right process to get to the solution is as important to us as the end result. Applying design thinking to the challenges we work with, we deliver concepts and strategies built on insight and needs. Not assumptions.

Design & storytelling

We believe that any project is better communicated visually. And often digitally. With experience in film, photography, graphic design, apps and websites, we know how to not just talk about, but showcase you and your projects.

Making (Sh)It Happen

The most important part? We make it happen. We always go out of our way to make the ideas, businesses and strategies come to life. And then some. From an idea or strategy to something you can actually experience.


News, Thoughts & Stories

Familiar places and clients are good, but learning for us means sometimes leaving our studio to get inspiration or learn from others. Want to know where our travels takes us next? Or what projects we are working on at the minute? Follow our blog and we’ll keep you posted.


Here are some of the projects we have been working on recently:

Why Oslo

Design thinking process for:

Oslo Business Region


Every year, thousands of students, researchers and knowledge workers come to Oslo from all over the world. Many strive to find a sense of belonging here. This appears to be harder than we think, despite a wide range of initiatives aiming to make our city a more welcoming and including one. We believe that to maintain our competitiveness globally, Norway benefits from attracting and retaining international talent. However, it turns out we are not that great at it.


So why not, and what will it take to change this? And how can we make Oslo feel more like home?


These are the questions we’ve set out to try and answer.




Design process
Concept development



Ville Vakre Vega

Client: Stiftelen Vegaøyan Verdensarv


Ville Vakre Vega. The title of the project can loosely be translated into wildly beautiful Vega. We’re talking about Vegaøyan – The Vega Archipelago in the northern part of Norway, just south of the Arctic Circle.


How do we create an interesting communication concept and design for the main exhibition at the upcoming World Heritage Centre in Vega. Also one of the first UNESCO centres in Norway!


experience design
art direction

Vingen Bar

Communication concept for:


Vingen Bar


The project:
Vingen Bar at the Astrup Fearnley Museum. Offering high quality coffee and lunch during daytime, cocktails and food bar in the evening. Unique location with low key atmosphere, a view of the ocean and beautiful spaces in the Renzo Piano designed building.


visual identity


Storebrand Eiendom
Nye & Kloke Hoder
Norwegian Fashion Hub
Rauma Ullvare
Tøyen Startup Village

Vingen Bar
Vega Archipelago World Heritage Foundation

Oxer Eiendom
Greener Events
Skippergata 22
Food Studio

Oslo Business Region
Earth Innovation Institute
OBOS + Enterspace
Norwegian Icons

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