Student projects

No. Fuck student projects. Let´s do it for real.

Let´s do real projects for real clients with real needs

⇒ and create real learning + impact!

Nothing beats practice when it comes to real learning. Everybody knows. And there’s no doubt that relevant experience and references is what employers value most when considering different candidates for a job. It should be no surprise then that we focus on practical tuition and real projects instead of just theory. Like every school should. We provide our students with the essential practical tools and theory, which are then utilized and explored in hands-on projects, with real clients.


As our student you will meet and work for a variety of clients during the year. Clients in all shapes. Small, medium sized, big, commercial, ideal, public and private. Sometimes we arrange the collaborations, and sometimes you get the opportunity to find a client on your own or create a project with your team. This learns you how to readjust, adapt to and handle a broad span of challenges, organizations and fields. Here are some examples of clients and projects that our students have worked with recently:

Team 16

Team 15

Team 14

Team 15

Here are some of the projects we have been working on recently: