Projects drive change and innovation. In fact the only way organisations can change is through projects. At Emergence we integrate a unique set of disciplines in order to achieve this. Our approach to innovation is based on some of the latest knowledge in project management and business development – all rooted in ethics of the Nordic values.

The Project Diamond

Our approach to modern project leadership is based on the four disciplines in our project diamond. We believe that a modern project leader needs to master all four disciplines:

01: Leading innovation

– enables value creation

Modern projects are change and innovation oriented. Results are created through empathy for the end-user, continuous iterations, systematic experimentation, conceptualization, relentless prototyping and testing. Value creation is achieved by using project to drive innovation and change.

02: Understanding context

– gives strategic direction

To create the right solution requires insight into the context of a project. Understanding the context for the project is all about understanding the client, its’ current environment and its customers needs. We believe the right solution rest within a deep contextual understanding. To understand the context gives the project the right strategic direction.

03: Process facilitation

– creates movement

Facilitating the processes in a project is to guide people when the road is unclear. It is creating safety and structure when we dive into the unknown. It is achieving movement, when stillness seems more appealing. Facilitating the right processes, is creating a movement towards change.

04: Self-awareness

– enables leadership

The path to strong leadership follows a solid self-awareness and strong self-management. Understanding your-self, empowers your ability to take lead. “Know yourself” said the Oracle of Delphi. To truly know oneself enables true leadership.

A value-based approach

Business, projects and change cannot exist in an ethical vacuum. Our actions must be put into context. Our way of doing projects is strongly based in a Nordic value tradition. Modern value creation is pushing for solutions that give growth to people, planet and profit.

A toolbox for modern projects

We have collected more than 100 of our most popular tools in a practical handbook. The project handbook helps you with nearly anything you might need when you work in a modern project or creative team.


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