Emergence Projects Travels | Merci OuiShare + Paris

“OuiShare Fest gathers creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movement builders, purpose-driven organizations and communities from across the globe to explore the edges of the economy, society and ourselves.


Ouishare Fest 2016 was a three-day event raising questions around the new collaborative economy and the future of work in an increasingly digitalized society – through discussions, panels, talks and workshops. The fest was in Paris, situated at a cool, laid-back venue in the northern part of the city. During the fest we made several interesting connections, got a lot of new input and were challenged on some of our own perspectives. A great excuse to travel to Paris for a long-weekend, right!?


Our favourite category of talks, panels and debates was definitely ‘the (present) future of work’ – which raised several interesting questions on how the work environment will develop in the future of machines. “What kind of problems do you solve? What kind of questions do you ask?” were questions Esko Kilpi raised on purposeful entrepreneurship and challenging traditional beliefs in business.  Under the same category, Tim Leberecht from The Business Romantic Society spoke of how we should bring more romanticism into business. His opinion is that it’s no longer enough to do good work, we have to do beautiful work – we have to be romantic fools. Machines don’t have heart, passion and love – so this is the only area we might have a chance to compete with them.


We participated in several workshops: ‘how can we create a more successful working culture through collaborative leadership?’, ‘find your career superpower’ and ‘your story as an asset for change makers’. We found it interesting to interact with so many different people from different countries and backgrounds. We got hands-on examples of what collaborative leadership is all about, and were encouraged to step out of our comfort zones to get in touch with ourselves and the people around us.


Coming from Emergence, with high focus on personal development and self-realization, we were pleased to see that Ouishare had an own category within this field. Meditation, mentoring and workshops like ‘see feel do – the risks and opportunities of genuine action’ highlighted the importance of staying in balance with yourself and being aware of what drives you to do in order to face the rapid changes of business, society and work environment.


“If you don’t love yourself, I’m pretty sure the two of us will never be able to love each other” Arantxa Balson from AccorHotels.



In the spirit of the collaborative economy, our first dinner in Paris was enjoyed at Elise’s place. We didn’t know who she was at first either, but Elise is a parisian woman that welcomes people for dinner in her home, through www.vizeat.com. She served us wine on the balcony with an amazing view overlooking the Eiffel Tower, and a four-course meal with a very creative and personal touch to it. We were lucky to meet very interesting people, who also were guests of Elise: Simone Orgel project manager of Republica, Nilofer Merchant innovation and business consultant and Harvard author, and Giulietta – a journalist in the french business paper La Tribune. We really enjoyed the food and some good discussions.



The Ouishare Fest 2016 went over three days, from wednesday to friday. We thought we might as well stay the weekend, and spend the last days exploring Paris. Saturday morning we rode around town on hired bicycles. We popped by the Louvre, dodged all the tourists on Champs-Elysées up to Arc de Triomphe, spent all our money on lunch at Monsieur Bleu (it’s usually always worth it when the interior is exquisite). The ride continued past Hôtel des Invalides, along the river towards Pont Neuf and Notre Dame. We finished the stay off with drinks at La Belle Epoque, a cool bar just under our amazing Airbnb apartment.


Mon dieu, we are so inspired to share – so here you have some links to interesting pages we picked up a long the way:

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