Insight for a better digital solution

A few months back we received funding from the Educational Department of Norway to create and implement a digital solution, looking at how we could make our program more seamless and available to more than just our own students. Read more about it here.

Diving into a learning journey about The Future of Education, how technology can play a part in learning, and meeting and talking to developers, and companies offering learning management systems, we ended up on a bigger learning journey to San Francisco, together with Katapult Future Fest. Read more about our trip here.

Back in Oslo we’ve continued learning and exploring how we in the best way possible can create a system, not only for our students, but for everyone out there that needs guidance in how to succeed with a project. We belive we can help impactmakers develop their ideas and projects, being part of creating sustainable solutions to problems we’re facing, not only in Oslo and Norway, but globally.

Before getting to deep into developing our solution we asked a group of former students at Emergence School of Leadership to help us answer to some of our greatest assumptions, test different ways of building the platform, the look and feel of it and different ways of learning.
This was very useful and we’re left with loads of new insights and learnings, ready to develop our ideas further!

Thanks to everyone taking part! We’re looking forward to inviting you in again to test the first prototype!

Visual tests for the workshop