Circular Showcase | “Us vs. Climate Change”

Is it possible to develop local solutions to the world’s largest climate challenge in just three months? That was our ambition when “us vs. climate change” started in autumn 2018. Together with FOLK Oslo and Sandkassa we have facilitated and tested a brand new innovation process. Read about the results of the “dugnad” and judge for yourself. The project was solved by six student teams from Emergence School of Leadership – in close collaboration with six client organizations + a bunch of special advisors and resource organizations:

  • Ikea
  • Miljødirektoratet
  • Europris
  • Days Like This
  • Stor-Oslo Eiendom
  • Virke
  • Circular Norway
  • Ny Analyse
  • Fortum

Link to blog post:ære-smakebiter-4e5a93decf42