Emergence Refill | a knowledge series

Emergence Refill was started up in the summer of 2017 to look at how Emergence as a knowledge Hub can share our knowledge, not only with the 28 students that are at the school, but with our growing network of alumni and other partners and collaborators. The day-to-day staff at Emergence School of Leadership and our amazing group of industry specialists that teaches at the school (see and read more about them here) holds interesting perspectives and knowledge that we think more than just our students can benefit from. There’s also been a need for a space where the Emergence network can meet, mingle and talk about the challenges, thoughts and experiences they are facing. For all these reasons we decided to create Emergence Refill!

The event series is divided between morning and night events, all hosted at our favourite hangout Skippergata 22.


On Wednesday we hosted our first ever Refill Night with principal at Emergence School of Leadership, Thomas Helgø. He talked on why the role as a project manager is more relevant and important than ever, giving our alumni network a closer look into how the methodology of the school is in constant change and the steps needed today to create interesting, sustainable and successful projects.


Over 50 x-Emergence students attended and all helped shape and contribute with ideas to how we should develop the Refill concept further.


Thank you all for coming — and see you soon for Refill Morning! Next event will be open for our extended network and friends, so feel free to bring along someone you think would be interested! Follow our Facebook page Emergence School of Leadership for info on the next event.