Emergence receives money for Digital Educational Project!

Early on this year the Educational Department of Norway announced that they would support Norwegian Vocational Schools with more than 46 million NOK. The aim of the funding is to support the schools in creating and implementing solutions that focus on the use of technology for better learning within the schools, and through this increase the quality of the schools educational programs.

Emergence School of Leadership applied for funding for the project; Leaders for the future. A project aiming to make the knowledge we hold at Emergence, easier accessible, digital and available to more people than just the 28 students within each team. This is also a project aimed at helping all our alumni students keeping up to date with the Emergence methodology and what’s thought in the classroom.

After months of waiting, we finally received good new this week!! We’ve been given 1,5 mill NOK to develop the project further and implementing it in the months to come.

Without this support we would have been nowhere as close to being able to experiment, learn and develop ourselves and our students towards the future.

We dont hold all the answers to what Emergence School of Leadership will look like when we’ve taken the steps into a digital educational world, but we do know that the path will be filled with trying out things, failing and learning a lot!

We hope that we along the way will be able to create examples of small, ambitious and forward thinking solutions that could inspire other educational institutions in Norway.

We are very excited!