Emergence Projects | temporary Cape Town office

Gaining inspiration from people and places around the world is part of what we belive is important at Emergence Projects. Knowing and understanding different cultures, ways of thinking and doing things, ways of innovating and ways of working is part of our everyday focus. Sometimes that means not only reading and talking to people here in Oslo, but getting out there in the world to gain new knowledge and inspiration. Working the way we do, we also belive that, if possible we should try to fulfil personal dreams and aspirations along the way too. So when Annike, partner at Emergence Projects, had a dream of living and working in South Africa for a while we of course supported and encouraged the idea!

So Annike is now, living and working three months in the beautiful city of Cape Town, and still managing and working on our projects from her office aka sunny balcony or beautiful neighbouring coffee shops there!

And for three months we can say; go visit our Cape Town Office 😉

Follow Annike on her South Africa adventure


We’re not jealous. At all.