The need for effective ways to develop and realize new ideas through projects has never been greater. Learn new project tools and methods by joining one of our courses.

Courses + Counselling

We develop tools for the next generation of project leaders. In an ever-changing world the need for effective ways to do projects has never been greater. We believe developments in organisations are best done through projects. We are incessantly curious to find better ways for leaders and organisations to innovate and drive change.

Development courses


We create learning experiences where people and organisations can test our methods, tools and techniques on their own projects or relevant cases – developing modern project leaders skills. Here are some examples:

Innovation projects (3 day workshop)

A course focusing on the current methods, approaches and frameworks of modern development projects. Key elements:


  1. Design thinking
  2. Ideation
  3. Design sprint
  4. Prototyping
  5. Testing


Matering context (3 day workshop)

A course focusing on the essential methods and tool to uncover key contextual insights in order to do the right project right. Key elements:


  1. Context mapping
  2. Organisational scanning
  3. Business model canvas
  4. Value proposition
  5. Lean start-up


Process facilitation (3 day workshop)

A course focusing on the tools and technics for mastering your team, your client, your development through the journey of a projects. Key elements:


  1. Facilitators’ toolbox
  2. Workshop design
  3. Meeting design
  4. Facilitating techniques
  5. Communication skills


Being a leader (3 day workshop)

The awareness and knowledge for how to take lead and steer you and your team towards a successful project outcome. Key elements:


  1. The modern project leadership role
  2. Profile assessment
  3. Development analysis
  4. Leaders’ toolbox
  5. Coaching


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Development Counselling


We help a wide range of organisations with sustainable value creation and innovation through modern project methods. Enabling our clients to master organisational transformation in order to stay relevant and prosper in an ever-changing market.