Our unique one year program, a result of more than a decades refinement, is designed and carried through by our own staff, in close collaboration with up to 40 external instructors and specialists from the field. Altogether a quite unique network, providing you with a variety of impulses, tools and contacts for the future.


100% real

Attending our program feels more like a journey and personal process than most educations do today. We often hear our students say that they learn more than they ever thought was possible in just one year. Probably also a result of all the hours they spend at school or in their project offices – while they´re working for different client organizations during the year.

Full time. At least.

The program requires your presence between 9-16 every day. Minimum. To be honest, it is an immensely intense year for most of our students, which is necessary to get you where we want: 100 % in balance and ready for a complex and demanding professional work life when you finish the program.


Blended learning

Furthermore, we use a blend of highly effective learning models and forms to stimulate and accelerate both the individual and collective development process:

Lectures and workshops


Periodically, you and your fellow students, are gathered as a class or in smaller groups, having lectures and workshops with the school´s own staff or external instructors with special expertise. This, to get familiar with, explore and learn important and fundamental theories, methods and tools within the different subjects – and to meet highly skilled persons who use this themselves in projects.

Inspirational events and expert interviews


Regularly you and your fellow students attend inspirational events and meet organizations or specialists that are relevant to the subjects you are studying or the projects you work with. This way, you get the opportunity to interview, be inspired by and establish contact with exciting people and environments, which possesses knowledge and experience it would take a long time to get access to in other ways.

Real projects for client organisations


As a vital part of the education you work in interdisciplinary teams and practice all the central subjects on real issues, customer assignments and projects. During project periods you receive guidance and coaching by the school´s staff and external experts to assure that the project, process, learning and product is on track. You also learn how to evaluate your own and others processes and deliveries, in addition to receiving feedback from clients, fellow students and the school´s staff through the whole year.

Group discussions and exercises


Our pedagogical philosophy and practice helps you to be an active student, involving yourself in whatever is on the agenda both scholarly and socially. This means you will often spend time in smaller cross-disciplinary groups to discuss and test theory and methods, share experiences and reflect with your teammates.

Coaching and reflection practices


Through the whole year you will get coaching and reflection assignments both individually and in groups. This is a highly effective method we use to enable maximal personal development for each student.

Presentations, evaluation and feedback


During the education you will be familiar with giving both formal and informal presentations and evaluating yourself and others, both personally and workwise. Others will take part in your learning and projects, and you will take part in others. Challenging and developing your ability to communicate a message effective to an audience or receiver, and receive valuable feedback. This is an important part of your learning process, and something you will make great use of when you are entering worklife.

Final exam project


To complete the education you design and deliver a chosen exam project. This is done in cross-disciplinary teams consisting of 3-6 persons. The project is either done for a client, where you and your team are responsible for finding a relevant assignment. Or, it could be a self-developed project, that you want to realize as a part of the education. This is your big opportunity to make use of everything you have aquired of knowledge, network and resources during the year. Something with the potential to make a real impact on someone, giving you a unique experience, personal development or putting you in position for exciting job opportunities.