Creating good spaces for learning

Emergence School of Leadership has over the 14 years since it started up changed it’s look, feel and location numerous times!
The school is today situated in the interesting neighbourhood of Fredensborg, door to door with the ever growing co-workingspace 657, which is the home to some of Oslo (and Norways!) most exciting startups and companies within the creative industry.

The school’s entrance is almost hidden, but once you notice the sign above the door and realise that the school is situated in a small three story house, you imediately get drawn in. Since the school moved from its last location in Karlstadgata on Grûnerløkka in 2014, 3 teams have used the space well (day & night). This spring is was time to upgrade the rooms a little, preparing them for the next team to start after summer. It got us thinking about what creates good learning environments. What zones does the students, facilitators and the industry specialists that comes to teach at the school need? How might we change the atmosphere in the kitchen that barely gets any natural light, by changing the colour on the walls? Could we create more and smaller work zones for team work?

Want to check out the changes? Take a look at the pictures below or come by for a look around!