Application form // Søknadsskjema

Just be yourself.


We don´t look for superhumans with fine facades, but real people with weaknesses, doubts and fears. And, off course, some strengths, passions and potential too. We don´t look for one particular skill or type of person. We hope to find an interesting mix of personalities with various backgrounds – who can form multidisciplinary teams – able to solve all kind of problems.


So why not just be open and honest – and let that decide whether we think this is for you or not? Don´t waste your (or our) time trying to appear as something or someone you´re not.


Fill in the form in a way and with a language that suits you best.


PS! Even if our website is in English (we have international friends and followers), Norwegian is the official language at our school.


Our application deadline is on the 15th of April. Then our interview process and screening of candidates will be ongoing. Please apply in good time before the deadline if possible, to make sure everything´s on track.

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