Privacy policy for Emergence


For visitors, followers, collaborators, applicants, students and other friends: We don´t track, target or store as much as we could (and perhaps should) when it comes to data, either it´s personal or public data we´re talking about. Why not? Well, we´re more than busy with all other kind of things. Like solving problems, planning projects, meeting collaborators, facilitating learning processes, coaching leaders, reflecting about the past and thinking about the future. So collecting-data-stuff isn´t our highest priority. Still, we try our best to keep up with GDPR, consumer rights, confidentiality issues and you-know-what – to treat everyone and everything with respect so that no one can misuse your or our data. But if your´e still curious about our privacy policy, please read the attached document (Personvernerklæring ESL) for a description of our routines.


Personvernerklæring ESL