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A new nordic

We know it’s a bold statement and a cliché to say that we go to work everyday to improve or change the world. But we do. Mother earth needs us, and we too care about sustainability. But not only “green” planet issues. We care just as much about social issues and people. And off course, value creation and profit. In our view, a modern project has to tick off on all three variables to be successful. As a part of the society, Emergence is taking part in a global movement that fight every day to ensure that the sustainable solutions are the most competitive. That´s why we have decided to educate a brand new generation of project leaders. That´s why we develop and solve sustainable projects for clients. And that´s why we facilitate organizational change and inspire people and companies to be and do better.

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How we are organized

Emergence School of Leadership focus on educating next generation project leaders, quite often to the creative industry.

Emergence Projects is our professional project design studio, creating innovative projects for clients from the studio in Skippergata 22.

Emergence Development creates tools, courses and processes for modern project leaders, project workers and organizations.

It all started in 2004

The history of Emergence goes back to 2004, when our one year educational program started as an initiative to introduce and experiment with a new form of project design in Norway. Since then the school has educated one exclusive team annually, averaging 30 students. Altogether 12 teams and a total of 300 persons that now work for (or have started up) a span of companies and organizations in Norway and abroad. >Explore our alumni on LinkedIn to see where, or follow us on >Facebook and Instagram for updates about jobs and what our alumni are up to now.


Working for real clients as a part of the education has always been a vital part of the program. It all started with a great collaboration with the Norwegian Red Cross back in 2004, where former secretary general Jonas Gahr Støre opened a project by holding a speech to us in their headquarters. Since then our students have delivered more than 100 projects to clients like Startuplab, Fuglen and Oslo Bislett Games. Explore our student projects to see more examples.


Emergence School of Leadership is today positioned as one of the Nordic countries’ smallest and most unique schools. One of few places you can go to both study and work with modern project leadership.


Emergence Development was first established as a consulting business and centre for leadership back in 2007. This part of Emergence, originally delivering leadership programs, -processes and -counselling, has gradually transformed into a development unit, dedicated to create tools, arenas and courses which help leaders and organisations to innovate through projects. The core team at Emergence has worked with a wide range of progressive businesses over the years, in order to help them succeed with sustainable value creation and innovation through modern project methods. Helping clients’ master organisational transformation, ensuring that they stay relevant and prosper in an ever-changing market, is still one of our most prioritized initiatives.


Emergence Projects, our professional project design studio, was born in 2015. For many years we had dreamt of hiring some of our own students, to make sure they kept using our methods 100 % when working professionally with solving client projects. Three, now four, of our former students used their exam project to start up their own project agency, as they continued to work for their client after graduation. A few months later we decided to join forces, incorporating Emergence Projects as a modern project design studio under the Emergence umbrella. The studio has helped clients like Storebrand Asset Management, Vingen Bar, Oslo Business Region and Stiftelsen Vegaøyan Verdensarv with designing innovative projects.

….but what does “emergence” mean?

“Emergence” describes “the process of becoming visible after being concealed, or the process of coming into existence or prominence”. Emergence is a phenomena in philosophy, system theory, science, art, and later within leadership theories. To us, emergence means that leadership and good projects are something that arise naturally, under the right conditions and circumstances. For instance at Emergence : )