002 Refill Morning | Askeladden

Our first Emergence Refill Night was a success, and we’re now inviting you to attend our second event, Refill Morning on the 1st of March!

Come by Skippergata 22 for an inspiring morning talk by Askeladden, and we’ll provide you with coffee and maybe even some treats from Foodevolution, everything you need to start your day off right!


Askeladden & Co has succeeded with everything startups dream about; identifying possibilities, creating cool concepts and scaling their companies – all in a short amount of time and with great profit.

I 2016 Martin Schûtt decided to leave an impressive career at McKinsey to create the company Askeladden & Co together with five partners. The company, described as an idea generator, incubator and investor is the company behind the hairdresser chain Cutters, the doctor concept Dr.Dropin, the event concept Paint’n Sip og the fast food concept – Sunny Side. 

Martin visited Emergence School of Leadership and team 14 this winter, and has been one of the most exciting and inspiring industry specialists to host a lecture recently! We thought the rest of our network and friends should get the chance to get inspired too, so he’ll now join Refill Morning!
Martin will talk about Askeladden, who they are, what they do and why their concepts works. He’ll also talk about their adventures so far and the principles they build their startups on.

All in all, great inspiration on how to succeed with a startup – an approach to inspiration for us all, wether your in a startup yourself or not.

There’s a limited amount of spaces, so if you want to attend, let us know by sending an email to projects@emergence.no

Check out the event on Facebook. 


07:30 — 08:00 : doors open
08:00 — 08:30 : talk
08:30 — 08:45 : Q&A

Read more about Askeladden & Martin here:  www.askeladden.co : )



Emergence Refill is an initiativ to share knowledge around the field of project- and process management to our extended network of collaborators, friends, alumni and new potential partners and students. The most interesting people from the field share methods and experiences from exciting projects and companies.