One Year Education

We empower young creators to be the change they want to see in the world. One project at a time. We are  looking for dedicated impact agents, leaders, problem solvers, change makers, dreamers, thinkers and doers. Apply to be part of team 15 now!

Core disciplines


Throughout the one year educational program you will practice the core disciplines of (project) leadership:

01 Personal Leadership
02 High Performance Team Development
03 Creative Problem Solving & Project Design
04 Business Exploration & Value Creation
05 Sustainable Impact

One Year Program

We empower young creators to be the change they want to see in the world. One project at a time. We’re looking for dedicated impactmakers, leaders, problemsolvers, changemakers, dreamers, thinkers and doers. Apply to be part of team 15 now!


Every year we enroll about 30 students, to form a cross-disciplinary class, or team, as we like to call it. The average age of a student is 27, and a complete team include all kinds of backgrounds, educations, work-experiences, network and personalities. All students are hand-picked through our application- and interview process, where we identify a good mix of people with the right profile, motivation and potential to develop into next generation project leaders.

Emergence School of Leadership is one of Norway’s smallest and most unique schools, averaging 28 students a year.

We believe that leadership is more about FINDING YOUR UNIQUE PATH AND UTILIZING THIS in the interpersonal dimension of leadership, rather than solely mastering administrative management. We focus on practical tuition and real projects instead of just theory. Providing our students with the essential academic tools and theory, which are then utilized and explored in hands-on projects with real clients. Our aim is to provide our students with an education relevant to the rapidly developing complexity of the professional life they want to be a part of and challenge.


As a student at Emergence you have to be prepared to dedicate yourself to a year full of long days, close relationships, multidisciplinary teamwork, deep conversations, constant reflection, active experimentation, practical methods, learning through real projects, dealing with demanding, but exciting clients and diving into complex issues. And perhaps most important, you have to be ready to participate in a culture where fellow students, instructors, coaches, clients and specialists want to challenge, provoke, support and inspire each other.

Real projects for

real clients with

real issues gives

real learning

Career opportunities

Where can we take you? Well, where do you want to go? So far we have educated over 300 talents. They work for (or sometimes start) companies like United Screens, Angst Bar, PR-operatørene, Alle Gutta, AntiNeue Design Studio, TidalDesign House, Expo NovaNorwegian Icons, Design ContainerGridDiesel, Geelmuyden KieseMESH, SpacesJCP, SuperblaiseZinkGrafill, Apt, HyperPlayroom, Pivot657 Oslo, Tidal and Good Morning. Plus a bunch more, of course. From UD, Røde Kors, Kreftforeningen, Fredskorpset and NAV to VG. Everything is possible. But more importantly, our students grow immensely and do things they actually want to do. Good things. Things that matter. Because they can. And dare.


Industry needs

A new generation with project leaders is really needed out there. Things are changing – faster and faster – and most people or organizations are not ready to deal with this without help. We guess that´s some of the reason why our students do so well. They really work. Work as hell. Or heaven. Or whatever you call it. And which company doesn´t love that? You tell us.

…till application deadline on the 15th of April. Ready to join us?


Our application deadline is on the 15th of April. Then the process of interviewing candidates will be ongoing. We recommend applying in good time before the deadline to get updates and information.


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Here we have gathered some of the most common questions we receive from our applicants and stakeholders. If you have other questions about our project leader education, we encourage you to contact us today!


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